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The #1 Agency in Columbus for Social Media Management, Social Media Growth, Social Media Analytics, and Social Media Marketing for small and medium businesses.

Social Media Management Columbus

We work with small and medium sized businesses in the Columbus area by building an effective social media management strategy and implementing it.

What is Social Media Management?

Social media management is the process of managing your online presence on various social media platforms like TikTok, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google My Business by creating, publishing, and analyzing the social content you post. In addition, social media management allows you to engage and interact with your social media followers.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management Is Critical! Every business has a story. Social Media Management is the #1 tool to let customers know your story, your products and who you are as a business.  With social media management you can showcase your ideas, products, in a transparent and effective way that connects with your current and future audience.  Today customers do not use print or a phone book when looking for businesses, they use social media. When looking for products, services, menus and anything else, the number one tool people use is social media.  With The Real Social Company we help your business cut through the clutter with social media management.  We deliver a clear, effective, and consistent schedule that helps grow your online presence and increase sales.  Our team has been working in digital media since 2002 and helps Columbus businesses with all their social media management needs.

We Are Experts In

Social Media Posting

Daily posting of all social media to Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, Pinterest, Instagram and more.

Social Media Ads

Advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, SnapChat, TikTok, Waze, Spotify, and others.

Social Media Growth

Want to build your audience and reach more customers? We are the perfect solution to help grow your audience.

Social Media Analytics

Almost anyone can post on social media. With social media analytics we track posts and see what performs best for your business.

Social Media Messaging

Customers want more than ever to interact with brands. We help manage your social media messages to take the work off you.

Targeting & Geofencing

We can target your competitors with your ads. We can target individual zip codes, houses, areas and more.

$100 A Month Social Media Management

Social Media Management - Facebook & Twitter. This is an excellent way to get started in our social media management program. Combine both services, Facebook and Instagram. We will come up with 30 content rich posts featuring your products or services AND schedule them for you. A simple way to have a social media calendar.

$100 A Month Email Marketing

Email Marketing & Management is a very important part of your marketing effort.  There is no better way to reach customers who want your information than email. We manage your email lists. We automate birthday emails and others. We create 4 emails per month and send them to your list and then report on them to you.

Social Media Management Can Help

  • Social Media Posting
    helps people find your products and services in a diverse and confusing online world.
  • Social Media Analytics
    helps you see how social posting is impacting your business. Driving traffic, making sales.
  • Social Media Marketing
    lets your business target exactly who you want with ads and information designed to sell your brand.

Social Media Management Services

Facebook Social Media Management

Facebook is the #1 Platform for most businesses to get a foothold in social media. Every business should have a Facebook page to allow customers to interact with and to see your products and services.

Twitter Social Media Management

Twitter is a great way to reach customers who want instant updates on what you are doing. It allows for quick updates at your events, about new products, and news about your business.

Pinterest Social Media Management

Pinterest is often overlooked as a platform for business, but with extremely high income and educated users it can be a lucrative platform for your posts and your advertising dollars.

Instagram Social Media Management

With a very creative and design oriented user base, Instagram can quickly reach your customers with your products and services. Design excellent images that grab users attention instantly.

LinkedIn Social Media Management

Highly professional and educated user base. Perfect for business to business social media organic, and paid marketing. LinkedIn is a very popular amongst professionals and has great ad results.

Google My Business Social Management

Google My Business is key to any social media management strategy. To get on Google Local Pack you must have a Google My Business Profile and deliver posts and services to it regularly.

TikTok Social Media Management

TikTok is one of the largest and most in-demand social media services we offer. Highly video oriented and its followers are robust, engaged and perfect for your marketing plan.

Parler Social Media Management

Parler has a highly political and passionately right wing user base. This is a great market for any products made in the USA, political brands, and for any brand that reaches this demographic.

YouTube Social Media Management

YouTube is still the #1 platform for short and long form video content. It is highly competitive and can be easily monetized with a large following. We can help you post and optimize your YouTube channel.

Tumblr Social Media Management

Authors, bloggers, and anybody else who makes money on long-form content are great candidates for Tumblr. With its blog based design, your content can reach millions organically.

Triller Social Media Management

A newer short form video content site like TikTok, Triller can be perfect to reach younger demographics with your content. Triller is very new but growing fast, especially with TikTok bannings in certain places.

SnapChat  Social Media Management

SnapChat is still very popular amongst the millennial crowd although it has taken a hit from TikTok. It still has a large effective user base and a great advertising platform to reach your customers.

In addition we can help you with
Content Creation - Analytics - Bing Advertising - Yahoo Advertising - Banner Advertising - Business Card Creation - Site Auditing - Site Speed Optimization - LMS Creation - Online Course Creation - Backlink Building - Influencer Campaigns - Social Media Management - Web Design & Web Management - Graphic Design - User Interface - Logo Creation - Facebook Management - Twitter Management - Waze Advertising - PostieBot - Email Marketing

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